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23 Oct 2019

Keyboard Shortcut for 'Run All Cells' in Jupyter Lab

Mastering keyboard shortcuts would likely make you more productive. This is the reason I use [Vim bindings](./vim-bind...
05 Sep 2019

Deleting Globally Installed npm Packages

The npm package manager can install packages in project directories or globally (i.e. in your `/usr/local/bin/` directo...
09 Aug 2019

Learning from the CIKM 2019 Reviews

Just this morning I received the reviews of my submission to the CIKM conference. My paper was rejected. With the hope...
28 Feb 2019

VSCode Shell Commands not retaining install status in $PATH after restart

After you download VSCode and [add it to your PATH](
15 Feb 2019

Vim bindings for Jupyter Lab cells: Installing the Extension

![]( I've recently discovered the joy of Vim. And indeed, it does incre...