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05 Sep 2019

Deleting Globally Installed npm Packages

The npm package manager can install packages in project directories or globally (i.e. in your /usr/local/bin/ directory).

Fortunately, deleting a project removes all associated npm packages — since the packages are installed within the project directory.

However, for globally installed packages, you’d first have to list them using:

npm list -g --depth 0

This command to print to screen all top-level packages install using the npm install -g … command. For example:

├── fkill-cli@4.1.0
├── ngrok@3.0.0
├── npm@6.11.2
├── spaceship-prompt@3.11.1
└── tldr@3.1.1

To delete package from the list printed to screen, simply run:

sudo npm uninstall -g package1 

Note that, you could include more than one package after the -g option.